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This article was written by Alan Ayckbourn for an unrecorded revival of the play.

How The Other Half Loves

I’ve always been interested in Time. Stage Time that is. How a writer is able - and often does - bend time to suit his story-telling. ‘Heavens,’ cries some character, ‘I’ve been here over an hour and nobody’s even offered me a drink.’ In reality, of course, while it’s an hour for the character, for the audience it’s been only 15 minutes. It’s a device used one way or another in practically every play that’s ever been written. In How The Other Half Loves, I’ve explored this a little more than is normal.

Similarly with space. Stage Space that is. The same area of stage can be used to denote, say, a forest or a sitting room or a mineshaft – often with very little setting, particularly on the open stages that I normally use. Again,
How The Other Half Loves plays around quite considerably with space. In fact, playing describes the whole piece rather exactly.

The play’s a game really which I hope an audience enjoys playing as much as the actors enjoy playing it.

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