How The Other Half Loves (1969)

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World Premiere: 31 July 1969
Venue: Library Theatre, Scarborough
London Premiere: 5 August 1970
Venue: Lyric Theatre
New York Premiere: 29 March 1971
Venue: Royale Theatre

Play Number: 9
Published: Samuel French
Other Media: No

Short Synopsis: Notable for its composite set of two over-laid living rooms allowing for simultaneous action in two places, How The Other Half Loves centres on three couples. Fiona Foster and Bob Philips are having an illicit affair unbeknownst to each other's partners and their cover-story involves helping an unaware third couple, the Featherstones, leading to farcical misunderstandings and events.

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How The Other Half Loves quote
"It's difficult for him. He's never been wrong before, you see."
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